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What do we need to wear for woodland activities?

We Believe in the ethos “No such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes.”
People often come with the wrong clothing. Having the right clothes and shoes can make the difference between you or your child having a great time and being miserable. It’s up to you to make sure you or your child come properly equipped, so please provide and bring the following clothing and footwear:
– closed-toed shoes
– welly boots (if it’s raining or has rained)
– warm clothes (long trousers and long sleeved tops).
– hat and gloves – This is for cold conditions, ideally something that covers the ears.
– if there’s a risk of rain WATERPROOF COAT AND TROUSERS.
– change of clothes if it is likely to be very wet or if it has been very rainy
– suitable back pack to carry all of the above

SHAC top tip – Wear layers that can be removed if you become too hot and added if you get cold. If you don’t have them the option is not available.

Why do I have to complete an Introduction Session before I can take part in SHAC watersports?

The SHAC takes your safety very seriously and we need to ensure that before you enter lagoons, lakes and rivers, you have the basic techniques. It is important that we know that everyone who comes on an activity is of a certain standard and can keep themselves safe and in the case of group activities, that everyone is at the same level so that we can all enjoy the activity at the same pace.

What food will my child need to bring on a woodlands adventure camp?

You need to provide your child with a packed lunch and snacks, these should include:

A mid-morning snack


A mid-afternoon snack

Drink for the day

Please bear in mind that your children will be outside all day, and active for a good part of that day, please pack their lunchboxes accordingly. Being hungry in the woods is even less fun than being cold!

What medical and allergen arrangements are there for children’s woodlands adventure camps?

The Session leader and assistant both hold a current outdoor first aid certificate, specialising in first aid in the outdoors. However, it is up to you to ensure that we have your child’s current medical and allergy information at the beginning of the session, and that they also have any medication (i.e. epi-pens and inhalers) with your child’s, name, medication and time of last dose/incident written clearly on the outside. Please note we often serve marshmallows and digestives – if there is an issue with this then please discuss with us in advance.

What do I need to wear for open water swimming?

Wet suits must be warn in cold water conditions below 15 degrees. (Consent can be granted to swim suit free in cold water conditions if you have proven cold water acclimatisation experience) If you do not have a wet suit we have ZONE 3 suits available to hire and purchase at the Lagoon.
Bright Swim Hats must also be warn at all times when in the water and can be purchased lagoon-side.

What are the minimum age limits for your activities?

For private functions and accompanied groups, we can agree exceptional arrangements where possible, but generally our policies are:
*Paddleboarding : 16 years
Woodland activities : 6 years
eFoiling : 18 years
Open water swimming : 10 years
With the exception of woodlands adventure camps, children under 16 must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult, ratios are as follows:
paddleboarding 1 to 2; woodlands parties 1 to 12; swimming 1 to 2.

*For paddle boarding only, in Friends and Family sessions there is no age limit as long as all participants are water-confident and can comfortably swim a minimum of 25m. In SUP Taster sessions, the minimum age limit is 12 years, again as long as participants are water-confident and can comfortably swim a minimum of 25m

What should I wear for paddleboarding?

In warm weather, the main requirement is a pair of non-slip trainers and clothes that you don’t mind getting wet. In cold weather its a whole different matter. Click here to read about what we think you should be wearing in cold weather on a paddleboard.

What happens to my party or session if the weather is poor?

On the whole, it is likely that your activity will go ahead. We run activities in all weathers. However, in the event of high winds, Lightning Storms and extreme cold weather we may be forced to cancel or postpone. Please wait to be advised by us in this event.

I've booked a woodlands party. What food should I bring?

Food suggestions for the party organizers:
We recommend you keep it simple due to time constraints. Please note that we do not supply any catering equipment unless previously discussed and agreed. We recommend you bring food in sealed containers.
Please also take any rubbish away with you, we always endeavour to leave no trace.
Food recommendations for kids parties:
• Cooked jacket potatoes in foil can be warmed on the fire along with beans and cheese added to make a hearty snack.
• Precooked sausages in foil trays – can be re-heated over the fire. You could bring rolls and ketchup and salad accompaniments.
• Some simple snacks, sandwiches, crisps etc
• And off course Birthday cake!

Which activities do you do at each of your sites?

Please go to the Our Locations page for more information.

Do you accept Childcare Vouchers?
Unfortunately we do not accept Childcare Vouchers.