Triathlon and Swim Event Training

£10 per person

From May onwards, our Wednesday evening swimming session from 7pm – 8pm will be focused on the needs of competitive swimmers & swimming or triathlon groups. During this session, individual swimmers or triathlon & competitive swimming groups will be able to swim amongst like-minded swimmers & practice the skills required to develop their swimming race techniques and stamina. Coaches are welcome to attend & coach in the water or from the area surrounding the lake. The price is the same as a regular swim at The SHAC which must be paid for each swimmer & any coach(es) attending.

The exception to our schedule will be the last Wednesday of each month, when we give way to The SHAC Big Swim, which gives swimmers the opportunity to swim the 2.25km circuit of the whole of Buckland Park Lake. Follow this link for more information and to book onto a Big Swim.

If you are interested in stroke analysis and improvement or some general coaching with The SHAC swim coaches during this swim session or at any other time please contact info@theshac.co.uk for further details.

This session is open to all swimmers but if you choose to swim during this session please be aware that the session will have competitive swimmers & coaches present.

Read this before you Book

  • All swimmers under 16 are required to wear a wetsuit & tow float. All swimmers over 16 must either wear a bright hat or tow float, available for sale and hire from The Beach SHAC. 
  • All swimmers must keep their distance from other swimmers and to sight/lift head regularly, pass on the inside
  • Non-participating public are not allowed on the beach
  • Swimmers must be over 10 years old and be able to swim 400m
  • Swimmers must be logged into the system and have a band before entering the water