Swimming Session

£9.60 per swim*

Swim Timetable

Sun Tues Weds Thurs Fri Sat
9 → 11.30am 8 → 11.30am 5 → 8pm 8 → 11am 5 → 8pm 9 → 11.30am

We welcome swimmers of all abilities & we are happy to help you get started if you are new to Open Water Swimming. The swim course at the SHAC Lagoon at Buckland Park near Reigate, is a 400m loop and is ideal for experienced open water swimmers and beginners alike.  The course is set out so that swimmers are no further than 15m away from the safety of the bank at any point and is watched over by our team of RLSS Open Water Lifeguards making it one of the safest open water swim venues in the country. Please click here to create your SHAC account to start Open Water Swimming with us at the SHAC Lagoon.

*Buy 10 get 2 free!

£96.00 – 12 sessions for the price of 10: if you buy any 10 swims, your SHAC account will be credited with 2 free swims on us. All dates booked can be managed and moved via your SHAC account.

… and we have a fully-stocked swim shop with hats, gloves, booties, wetsuits, dry robes etc available for whenever the need arises. We encourage you to listen to your body to make an informed decision about what neoprene you wear and where you wear it!

Read this before you Book

  • All swimmers under 16 are required to wear a wetsuit & tow float. All swimmers over 16 must either wear a bright hat or tow float, available for sale and hire from The Beach SHAC. 
  • All swimmers must keep their distance from other swimmers and to sight/lift head regularly, pass on the inside
  • Non-participating public are not allowed on the beach
  • Swimmers must be over 10 years old and be able to swim 400m
  • Swimmers must be logged into the system and have a band before entering the water