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The SHACs SUP Yoga Courses take your favourite yoga routines and put them on the water in simply stunning surroundings. Both Yoga and Stand Up Paddleboarding are great for building better core strength, balance, coordination, and body strength in general so by combining the two disciplines we can achieve  amazing results. SUP yoga sessions take place in the Surrey countryside at The SHAC Lagoon at Buckland Park, RH3 7BG. We sometimes hold sessions at our other Surrey Hills locations – check our social media for the latest news. We have a variety of course options, all include free board and wetsuit hire,  as follows:


… for beginners and experienced yogis alike, allowing you to try out our SUP yoga instruction. Join us on the water and experience the benefits of SUP Yoga with The SHAC for the first time. Book here.

SUP Yoga 6 week Course

Our SUP Yoga courses are the perfect combination of yoga, water and the picturesque setting of the Buckland Lagoon. They run on 6 consecutive weeks. The benefits of yoga on a SUP are well documented with the unstable surface of the SUP encouraging core engagement without thought. This, combined with the simply stunning location of our SUP Yoga area, brings together Mind, Body and Soul perfectly. Book here. (Selecting the first slot secures the whole six week course).

About SUP Yoga

SUP yoga has all of the benefits of a traditional yoga session with the additional challenge of being on a SUP. Floating on the water adds to the experience in a unique way & offers the extra benefit of being outdoors, in the most beautiful natural surroundings.

Yoga practice notably brings balance and revives the body by encouraging physical, mental and spiritual harmony. Both yoga and stand up paddle boarding are great for building balance, co-ordination, endurance, and overall body strength. Combining the two can achieve simply amazing results, especially for the core.

Private Groups

If you would like to know more about booking a private SUP yoga session for a group please contact us at info@theshac.co.uk for more information. SUP Yoga can also form part of a SHAC Microadventure – for more information please look at our GROUPS page.  

What to Wear for SUP Yoga...

It is very rare that anyone falls in the water (unwillingly) during one of our SUP yoga sessions so regular yoga clothing is perfect. You may wish to wear layers depending on weather conditions. Please also bring a spare set of clothes & a towel (just in case) and a drink of water.