Night Swimming

£15 per person

Booking for May, September and October 2023

Join us for a fresh perspective and a swim in the dark.  Everyone welcome!  As well as all your usual kit, you must bring suitable night lights with you to clip on to your goggles, suit or tow float so that you can be seen by our lifeguards at all times in the water; a torch to find your way in the dark.


    • Qualified Safety team on duty throughout the swim.
    • Tow floats are required on all swimmers (we have some available to hire £5.00)
    • Confident swimming background required
    • 45 minute swim session

Read this before you Book

  • All swimmers under 16 are required to wear a wetsuit & tow float. All swimmers over 16 must either wear a bright hat or tow float, available for sale and hire from The Beach SHAC. 
  • All swimmers must keep their distance from other swimmers and to sight/lift head regularly, pass on the inside
  • Non-participating public are not allowed on the beach
  • Swimmers must be over 10 years old and be able to swim 400m
  • Swimmers must be logged into the system and have a band before entering the water