Moon Circle

£20 per person

Moon Circle events take place at the full moon at Buckland Park.

A Women’s Moon circle can be described as a sacred gathering of women, who come together to honour and celebrate the lunar cycle. Taking place all over the world, in many different forms, circles have been used as an opportunity to socialise, share, and pass on wisdom and traditions. Women’s Circles have perhaps also been a way of calling in the Diving Feminine; of grounding, centring, and receiving higher wisdom. Our Moon Circles will invoke these ideas and traditions whilst creating a safer space together where women may feel supported amongst their sacred sisterhood.

Our Women’s Moon Circles are an invitation to connect and share space with other women in a supportive, non-judgemental environment. An opportunity to come, just as you are, and be present, harnessing the powerful energy of the lunar cycle. We hold space for our Moon Circles around both the New Moon and the Full Moon between the months of April and October.

During the New Moon our circles may be a time to create, reset or regenerate. Connecting with the darkness of the moon we may find the opportunity for starting something anew, finding a fresh perspective, or beginning again. A time to set intentions, to embrace the balance between light and dark lunar energy.

Our Full Moon circles may offer a time to reflect, give gratitude or celebrate abundance. Connecting with the lightness of the moon we may find the opportunity to be thankful for what we have created, celebrate goals being achieved or reflect on the closing of a chapter. A time to feel illuminated by the light, to take up space.

Our Women’s Moon Circles take place around our warming firepit on our sandy beach by the Lagoon water’s edge. Here we may feel a sense of connection to the 5 elements earth, fire, wind, water, and ether. Bring lots of warm, cosy, layers so you can feel comfortable being outside for a couple of hours whatever the weather may bring us. Make sure you read the ‘What to bring’ advice in our FAQs.

Our Moon Circles will hold space for grounding movement, meditation, restorative movement, mindfulness, and an invitation to bathe in the moonlit or moondark waters. Everything will be invitational, do as much or as little as you feel you want to, you are enough, just as you are.

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Please read information to help you plan your visit including the kit list for the day, in our FAQs. The address for Buckland is Viking Camp, Buckland Park Estate, Reigate Road, nr Reigate, RH3 7BG.