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Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP)

Winter SUP Freeride Timetable

Sunday Tuesday Thursday Saturday
9 → 11am 9 → 11am 8 → 10am 9 → 11am

At The SHAC we have SUP enthusiasts in all disciplines from the peaceful yoga students to the SUP race team. We strongly believe that SUP can be enjoyed by anyone. Our SUP locations in the Surrey Hills provide the opportunity to engage with nature on the water, enjoy spotting wildlife, have fun splashing around with friends and improving fitness. To find out more about the health benefits click here. For more information on what to wear on a paddleboard, click here. Our instructors and coaches have a wealth of experience in Stand Up Paddle boarding and can work with absolute beginners through to seasoned paddleboarders looking to gain further skills and advantages. Come and join us to see how you will enjoy SUP. The SHAC can offer a wealth of advice on buying SUP Boards & Equipment –  contact us

Read this before you Book

  • Every SUPer must attend SUP intro/friends and family session and complete self rescue before booking a Freeride session and before getting access to the big lake at Buckland (or demonstrate to us that you have gained the skills by attending a similar equivalent course). Even those with own boards
  • Our SUP sessions are suitable for adults and children aged 16 & above (except in Family and Friends sessions where there is no minimum age limit, and Taster sessions where the age limit is 12 years, so long as they are water confident and can swim 25m)
  • Children must be accompanied on the water at all times by a responsible adult
  • Wetsuits aren’t essential during the warmer months but are available to hire on the day
  • Every freeride paddler must be checked in with a band
  • Personal Floating Devices /buoyancy aids must be used on ALL under 16’s
  • Any under 16’s going onto the big lake at Buckland must be accompanied by an adult both of which must have done intro and self rescue.
  • Only one person per board at all times





Free ride with board hire 1 hour session £20
Free ride with own board 2 hour session £20
Wetsuit hire Available onsite only £10
Introduction to SUP Course 45 minutes expert tutition, incl. board hire £30
Private Family and Friends Session  Upto 4 people incl. board hire and instruction. (email us for larger groups) £120
1 to 1 coaching Full private instruction tailored to your abilities and goals – min. 2 people  £72

Our Sup sessions explained:

A Freeride session is a session for those that have completed an Introduction to SUP session or Progression Session with The SHAC or can present a BSUPA Ready to Ride certificate or equivalent. During a Freeride you can bring your own board or hire a board by the hour for a leisurely paddle, hone your skills, or lazily float about and take in the beautiful scenery of the Buckland Park Lake that surrounds you.

This gives you access to the big lake at the scheduled times. Please note we only allow one person on a board at any time both with hire boards and personal boards for safety reasons. You can swap in and out with another on your own board during your set access time. Full details and booking can be found here.

    The session, for aged 16 and over, is designed for complete novices and for those who have been on a SUP before but have had no or minimal instruction. Our Introduction to SUP session is the gateway to SUP with The SHAC and is a pre-requisite for taking part in our Freeride sessions & River Safaris. Introduction to SUP is a sixty minute session in which you will learn the fundamentals of SUP including: 

    1. Self Rescue – this is the most important skill to learn before venturing into paddling on your own or with your family in other locations – you will be required to get in the water. 
    2. Assisting another paddler to self rescue – this gives you the knowledge to help others in trouble whether it be someone you know or a stranger. 
    3. Weather and environmental considerations.
    4. Fundamental Sup Safety equipment – what we use and why?
    5. Basic paddling and turning techniques.
    6. Dynamic risk assessment – why and how to assess personal risk in multiple locations and conditions. 

    Price includes full instruction and board hire in a relaxed and fun environment. Full details and booking can be found here.

    Minimum swim requirement 25m.

    This session has been created for 8 years and up, so people with younger paddlers (under 16) wanting to take part in an Intro Session can do so, and covers all the same information as in the Adult Intro to SUP Session. All under 16’s on this session must be accompanied by an adult. For course itinerary see the Adult Intro course details.

    Includes full instruction and board hire. All participants must be able to swim 25m. Full details and booking can be found here.

    If you fancy trying Stand up Paddle boarding or want to do something as a family during the school holidays then our 45 minute SUP Taster sessions are perfect for you. Sessions take place on the lagoon with basic beach instruction and no instructor on the water. Participants may be of any age as long as they can swim 25m and Under 12 year olds must be accompanied by an adult on the water.

    Family and friend groups can book private sessions with exclusive use of one of our expert instructors. These sessions are designed for small private groups and families with participants of any age as long as they can swim 25m. Group size is minimum of 4 people to a maximum of 10. -Sessions can be run as per the popular Introduction to SUP session or as a fun session for groups. They are ideal for birthday parties and friendship groups and can be run without adult participation if required. Please note fun sessions do not qualify you for Freeride access and board hire in the future.

    This course is designed for anyone that has paddled boarded before but maybe not with us or has completed our intro session and would like to progress or reaffirm the skills already learnt. We advance your paddling and turning techniques, teach you to move around on the board so skills are transferable from still water to moving water such as rivers and the sea. Provides more information regarding dangers and self risk assessing in more environmentally challenging locations such as the sea, rivers and big lakes.

    For those who prefer to learn outside of a group session The SHAC team are happy to offer private Introduction to SUP sessions in the form of 1:2:1 sessions, couples sessions or family sessions, which can include children as long as all participants are water-confident and can comfortably swim a minimum of 25m. Private sessions are available at Buckland and Dapdune Wharf in Guildford. Please contact us for more details or to book your private session.

    Our SUP Locations:

    The SHAC Lagoon at Buckland

    Dapdune Wharf at Guildford

    SHAC River Safaris