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SUP Progression Session

This course is designed for anyone that has paddledboarded before but maybe not with us or has completed our Intro session and would like to progress or reaffirm the skills already learnt. We advance your paddling and turning techniques, teach you to move around on the board so skills are transferable from still water to moving water such as rivers and the sea. Provides more information regarding dangers and self risk assessing in more environmentally challenging locations such as the sea, rivers and big lakes.

Price of £30 per hour includes board hire and instruction and can be booked by finding available slots here.  To book private groups, please use our Family and Friends Sessions.

Read this before you Book

  • Every SUPer must attend a SHAC Introduction to Sup Course before booking a Freeride session and before getting access to the big lake at Buckland. This can also be achieved by booking a private Family and Friends Intro to SUP Session or a Junior SUP Club course as appropriate.  This applies to everyone, even those with own boards. This ensures that you can self rescue before you embark on your SUP adventure with us.
  • Freeride SUP and Introduction sessions are suitable for paddlers aged 16 & above. Family and Friends sessions and 1 to 1 sessions have no minimum age limit, so long as paddlers are water confident and can swim 25m - same rules for Junior SUP Club except minimum age is 8 years old. 
  • Children must be accompanied on the water at all times by a responsible adult unless they are being coached 1 to 1 by us or taking part in Junior SUP Club
  • Wetsuits aren’t essential during the warmer months but are available to hire on the day
  • Every Freeride paddler must be checked in with a band
  • Personal Floating Devices /buoyancy aids must be used on ALL under 16’s
  • Any under 16’s going onto the big lake at Buckland must be accompanied by an adult both of which must have done intro and self rescue.
  • Only one person per board at all times